One Lazy Morning

Prompt from The Daily Post Blog : Entertain.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

It was not bad living together with people from different background and stories. A four-month stay in a rented apartment during internship period was memorable. Lots of bittersweet moments that we share together. From dramas to serious talks, trust me it was both fun and exhausting. Well, that was pretty much the part and parcel of life.

I kinda clicked with Hajar, one of my batchmate. We were always together in doing things over the weekend since the rest of them headed home. Our hometowns are far up to the North and down to the South. We do not have the luxury to go home for weekends. That was life for us in that time frame.

Hajar and I signed up for the gym together since we really needed a break from the hecticness of work. The gym was a walking distance from our apartment so we hit the gym every day, well it was routine. We would go for cardio exercises and hit the weights. That was the only pleasure to distress from a day at work. After gym hours, we would head back home, we would get ready to doze off.

It was the same every day in and out — work, gym and sleep, definitely three meals per day in between. Weekends were the time we had some fun and entertaining times. Somedays it was just sitting at home and relax.  Some days we talked about many things from the moon to the stars. Although it was nothing much by keeping each other company, it was actually entertaining each other in a way.

There was this one weekend we had a friend coming over for some shooting so she will be staying at our place. Practically whenever anyone has a guest coming over, they would be the one to look over the guest serving drinks etc. I do not know why and how did it went out of hand — perhaps we gave in to fatigue and slept in. Waking up the next morning to catch a glimpse of our friend a.k.a guest working her way through in the kitchen with all the ingredients that she has bought.

It was then we realized that we had woken up later than usual. So much for looking after our friend. It was her preparing breakfast or shall I say it was brunch. We quickly wash off and went to help her with the cooking, laying the table and washing the dishes. It was an entertaining afternoon where the food was delicious. We chatted about life and about work — more specifically the hardships that we have to endure. Good food, good friends, and a nice conversation.

It was indeed one lazy morning…

It was not only then, there were several other mornings too that had the same start. Sometimes it was nice and sometimes it was not. We managed to get by somehow. Having each other motivating and encouraging was the essence of our survival until today. We entertain each with our going to the moon stories or lame jokes or sometimes pulling each other’s leg — not to the extreme of offending one another of course. That was life for us.

During those time, I realized that I have gained a friend in need is a friend indeed. Too many good and bad times that we have been through together. Our friendship, upon trust and goodwill, shall last for an eternity. To many more adventures together in the near future.

Life can be so unpredictable and entertaining.


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