Little Me

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In retrospect, my childhood days was the happiest moment in my life.

As I sat down enjoying a cup of tea, memories from childhood came flooding back. It was way back into the 20th century before I started my primary schooling life. Things were a lot better back then. As a child, I have nothing much to worry. All I ever did was having fun and exploring my wildest imagination. Working alongside with my imagination works pretty well during that time.

Things are much different now which eventually evokes my best memories as a child then. There has never been a day past by without me reminiscing my childhood days. The smaller me being very hyperactive and I can never spend my day sleeping in like my siblings. I needed to move around a lot, even just running from one end to other end worked. My siblings labeled me as the troublemaker due to the tendency of getting into troubles, but there is a catch. Yes, I got into troubles lot often. The thing is I managed to get away and my siblings either one of them will tend to be the black sheep.

It is always not the same in the eyes of an adult. What they see in front of them is the ultimate truth especially when a child is involved. A child denies of what he or she has done which is the opposite of the what was happening. So there may be a possibility that the child is telling truth or a lie. Now that I’m an adult, I too sometimes think the same way. I’m trying to be more rational and logical with cousins who are still schooling. I believe it is more to trust your gut feeling.

Right, a small distraction, back to the memories etched deeply in my mind as it was yesterday. Flashes of childhood were my golden moments. Since a-year-old, I lived with my grandparents while my parents went to work. Living with my grandparents was moments I would cherish. My siblings and I spent most part of our childhood with our grandparents. My parents will be back in the evening after working hours. I started walking as well as talking at the age of one. By the age of two and three, I have already running and climbing, not to mention full of curiosity.

Evoking my memories of childhood with my late grandfather. My grandfather goes to work in the market and will be back home in the afternoon bringing me back sweets, ice cream or fruits especially the king of fruits if it was the season. At the sound of his bicycle bell, I came running to him and helping with all the goods from the market. More of looking for my favourites. He was well aware of it. I love to play with his bicycle although I’m just about 4 years old. Normally, I will wait for him to fall asleep before I start off with outdoor agenda for the day.

Starting from his bicycle, I just trot it along since I am too short to ride it. As a result, my grandfather’s bicycle will have a flat tyre. Although the flat tyre was my doing but my aunt will be blamed since she would borrow his bicycle to visit her friend. Apart from that, I would explore the kingdom Animalia in specific to insects and slugs. Not forgetting to mention how many of those varies insects and slugs that I have caught. Those were the days where I let my imagination went wild.

Every time when I looked at my grandmother, the childhood fun evokes deep within me. My grandmother usually wakes up early in the morning to start with her house chores. Guess what, I too, woke up early but pretended to sleep in till my mother went off to work before I get out of bed to look for my grandmother. I will follow my grandmother almost everywhere. She is well aware of my mischievousness. I will always help my grandmother with her chores as well, well, more of using it as an excuse to slip outside to play with the hens, turkeys, and dog.

There was one incident when I went to collect the turkey egg. All of a sudden I was chased by the male turkey, I tried to shoo it away but it was to no avail. I had to run three rounds inside the pen before making a quick exit which I fell to my face and hurriedly kicked the gate close. Never did I was charged by a turkey in that manner. Ever since that day, I will always remember to bring a stick with me every time I wanted to go into the pen. Lesson learned the hard way. Even if I got stung by bees or bitten by red ants, it does not stop me from gambolling every day.

There were many other golden memories of my childhood that I treasure till now. It is hard to get back to those golden days. In contrast, yes, you only live once. Childhood comes only once. During those days, I never wished to grow up fast. In fact, I hoped for time to move slower. If only I get to stay in Neverland and never grow up just like Peter Pan. Well having said that, I cannot deny the cycle of life and move on to the next phase of life. Living the present with no regrets, I suppose. Whenever life gets tough, it automatically evokes my memories as a child, fun and free from worries.


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