In Between Choices

Prompt from The Daily Post Blog :Carve.


The next phase of life…

Career or Masters Degree or Tie a knot

I have successfully graduated with flying colours on my undergraduate study. Like many graduates, I too, am not sure of what is next? The fundamental question of all is your choice of pursuit. Which of all choices would benefit you the most? These kinds of a query will play in your mind at least once per day, normally before hitting the hay.

Intrinsically, I think too much. Why?

I am still trying to find out why do I think too much. The worst part is when everything runs through my mind at the same time — crazy is the best word to put it. If the thoughts in mind are organized and in order, then it would not be that bad. Technically, it is like a mixed up recipe or a messed up wardrobe. Definitely, it will take hours and hours to sort out. When it comes to carving out a niche of my area of interest, I have the three elements; career, masters degree, tie a knot, playing in my mind like a broken record.

Sorting out…

When I start to carve out my interest, getting married is a no-no for now. Nothing much to say except for that I have got my hands full. I need to fulfill my responsibility as a child to my wonderful parents who had sacrificed so much for me. Besides, there is so much I wanted to do before entering another phase of life. It is just too early since there is so much out there for me to learn and explore. Nonetheless, I need to meet the right person — when the time is right, prince charming appears. Wait for the right time it seems.

Developing the right topic for my master’s thesis was another challenged that I have embarked initially. Currently, it is in a pause mode. Why? Several reasons for this one. Basically, it is because I lost track of my readings. I need to recollect my reading materials related to my topic area, not everything else. Too many information kills my brain cells, just saying though. Well, you see, when reading too many other things without zooming into my topic area, it gets out of hand. In the end, I lost myself in the kingdom of academic knowledge. So much for the master’s degree, it is hanging midway. I have plans to resume the work in progress soon.

Finally the bigger piece of the cake, I had an idea of carving my career in the defense sector — anything that relates to defense from general to specific. First thing first, reporting in for training, it is a must. I can tick that out of the list since I’m currently waiting to be given the green light to join in the weekend training. Career for life is soon to land, I assume. I have gone for interviews and exams. It is still a big question mark whether is this the one? I am hoping to receive a good news for the next stage of my career hunt. So, anxiously waiting that what I am.

Where do I stand?

I am standing in between career and masters degree. Preparing for both at times can drain my energy out. Being in the middle of both, waiting and waiting, hoping that the right path shines. For now, I will have to work on both hoping that whatever that is in store for me will fall into place. Working my readings out slowly along with writing out my blog whenever something crosses my mind is currently my cup of tea. Taking things at a slower pace in carving out my future.

Patience and perseverance are the keys to unlocking new ventures and beyond.


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