Whip-smart, So what?

Prompt from The Daily Post Blog :Brilliant.
Some people are just like the peacock (idiomatically), prancing around showing off their grades, achievements or whatsoever in a stuck up manner.


Some people are just like the peacock (idiomatically), prancing around showing off their grades, achievements or whatsoever in a stuck up manner.

Peacocks are beautiful creatures, never intended to bring them into this — the idioms did. We came across toffee-nosed people very often and they are often full of themselves as if they are top of the world.

A word of caution: they are toxic and annoying.

I admire people who are top notch in whatever they do but kept a low profile. They are professional, not bragging about it 24/7. Being humble and giving others a chance to express their opinion before taking a decision. That is how a brilliant person should be. Not wallowing in their achievements and “smartness” for an eternity.

I thought of giving the person a name to serve as an example, Mr.Mug

I am not denying the part that, yes, Mr.Mug is brilliant. Good for him that he does not have to work hard in solving, let’s say, maths problem. Unlike me and some others, we have to work hard to get it done. Who is Mr.Mug? Mr.Mug is a brilliant student since kindergarten who have been a high achiever till now. Yea, awesome right. Always top of the class, countless recognition and fame. It is like in the fairytales — a dream come true.

It is somewhat that happens in that row of situations, not one but tonnes of it. In every situation, there will be a person or two who will be like Mr.Mug. No matter how brilliant one may be, one has to live in the present. It is no harm in reminiscing those wonderful and proud moments. It is up to you, you are in charge of your doings, flashing backs etc. What you do not do is portraying to everyone that you are superior. I am pretty sure that everyone has their ups and downs in life.

Being humble does not cost a single penny. I admire people who are really somebody with fame, money, ranks, position etc. but are down to earth. Whenever I meet such people, I see them as a role model. I would always remind myself to be humble and kind to others. You do not have to telecast yourself to the world unless you are being telecasted. Telecasting on your achievements is only in the moments compared to telecasting your talents like singing. A contribution is what makes you be remembered.

Perhaps you may be a nerd, achieved an excellent degree — living in the moments. People might forget all about in a month or two. Unlikely if you are a talented singer who has received a Grammy award — that stays like forever. People from all over the will be listening to your songs. Are your achievements are some sort of that line? That is something for you to ponder.

I finished my degree last year and on my graduation, I was not contented. Not because of underachievement rather an intense feeling that I have finished a chapter in life. So what is in store for me in life? At that moment, I only felt glad that I have successfully completed my degree with honors. The next thought that struck me was, now what? Done is done. The next phase is a blank page of a new chapter in life. Moving to the next chapter and starting from the first step.

I’m thinking over my choices and it definitely includes a lot of waiting.

So what if you are brilliant? Good for you.

Everyone has their own path. Never the same, it varies.

There is more to do than blowing one’s own trumpet.


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