Dinner Night

Prompt from The Daily Post Blog.
Prompt: Winsome


A dinner full of etiquette.

I will skip the long weeks of marching part and the part being commissioned. I will write about it another time — long story. However, a short introduction will do.

Well, here we are. After weeks of marching, the most awaited day for many us arrived. Proud moments to be commissioned by the king. Yes, we were all sunburned to the maximum. My mum hardly recognizes me. Sorry Mum, nothing that I can do to avoid it other than applying sunblock. It was the day after we were having a regimental dinner to celebrate our 3 years of the journey where we, the 8th batch of the reserve cadets made it out alive. Right, now for the dinner preparations from top to bottom, the committee has been on it for months and until that very day, there were things to get done.

Not just a regimental dinner, be it any dinner, we would all want to look our very best. Pretty, beautiful, graceful and so on. How are we going to cover those breakouts, sunburns, scars and uneven skin tones? I bet all ladies will definitely freak out at that moment. We were not optional. Some of them started planning, I mean we have about less than 24 hours before the dinner. As if anything that pops up were going to change anything.

Count me in, I was also concerned. At least, I wish to look nice and appealable. Some of the girls hired makeup artists to colour their faces and design their hair into looking pretty. Well, that was the main idea to look pretty and cover all the acne scars and sunburned skin. Hiring a makeup artist is equivalent to cash flowing out. For some people it worth their money to get the ideal look that they wanted for the night. I was juggling in between options of wanting to hire or not to hire. I do not have much time though. Speaking of time, if I were to tag along with my friends in hiring the same makeup artist, is it possible for her to get us ready in time for the dinner?

Now, that was another serious question to answer. A good friend of mine hired a makeup artist and I thought of joining her for a makeover. It was going to cost me an arm and leg. Well, it was for a day anyway, why not. When I asked about the artist she hired whether can the artist give me a natural, simple look inline with my skin tone. I do not want to look like an alien doll out nowhere. I gave her two pictures of me, before the sunburn (my own style of a makeover) and after picture which the terribly sunburned one. Well, I wanted to make sure that the money that I’m going to invest worth it. Unexpectedly her reply was crude, saying that it was impossible as I have been sunburned since forever.

An indirect way of saying that sunburned skin was the tone of my skin. What a deliberate thought to say aloud? My ticker felt as if it was shattered to pieces. Never knew that I felt so hurt by her attitude as she was a good friend. I guess no matter how good people are to you, at times you can see their true colours. All they cared at that moment would be themselves. Lesson learned the hard way, one should prioritize themselves before others. For me, it can be vice versa. There are times that I need to get my things done first before I can lend others a helping hand. When I have nothing to do, I do not mind be a help to others. Well, too much blabbering on that, back to getting ready for the dinner.

What I wanted was to look winsome, a simple me with the lightened scars. An appearable image of myself. Not one ever want to go in hideous to a dinner, right? I was that normal human wishing for a simplistic makeover. After too much inquiry with some other friends, I made the decision to do it myself. It is not my first time doing so what could go wrong — my own art piece. The others proceeded with their choice of getting ready for the night.

Getting ready for THE DINNER!

I do not need hours to get ready as my concept was to appear fresh not pale. I was ready in just half an hour. That was considered quick for a lady to get dressed for dinner. I did a good job in hiding my scars, giving myself a more natural look without being tampered by dozens of foundations, concealers etc. What made my night was that most of my friends complimented on my appearance that looked simple and attractive. Yeay, mission accomplished.

Those who hired the makeup artists looked like a doll. I could hardly recognize who was who. They were plastered with way too much makeup on their faces causing to appear deceiving. Whatsoever, it was their choice by hard. Some even had difficulty to open their eyes as their eyelid were attached with a heavy eyelash. Deep in my heart, I was thankful that I did not hire anyone to prepare for the night.

Dinner night was not a 100% success as there were flaws throughout the event. Well, we cannot be pointing fingers at anyone since all of us has put in the effort to make it through. The main reason should be the lack of manpower that causes a flop. Almost all of us were involved in the marching, less than ten people were not fit to be part of it due to medical reasons.We will keep on receiving endless comments, the only thing we could do was take note of it and be aware of it in the future. I was too tired and could not wait to retire for the night.

That was some kind of dinner.


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