A Little Delight

Prompt from The Daily Post Blog.
Prompt: Treat


Have you gone through a long week or months or mission? All you had was one or two rest days. After all that hectic days and hard work, why not treat yourself a little.


Be it studying or working, you need a break from it at times. We can’t be doing something straight for long hours. Even so, we will tend to take a 5-minute break to stretch up those muscles or grab a coffee to freshen up.

I was working all out for my studies and training at the same time. I hardly time for myself. Usually, when I had that one off day, it will definitely be a day to treat myself. Treating myself would definitely mean catching up on my sleep. Sometimes I go out to get something delicate to eat. What else could worth the treat, other than a piece of chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.

Sometimes I go out with my friend to get a piece or two after a week of stress. We stroll around shopping malls keeping an eye open for promotions. We always ended up trying new restaurants and see how good the food is there. Not forgetting the chocolate cake, we always have in most of our outings. A small bite of it melts up the bolted up stress inside us.

There are times we go out to movies as an alternative to food as pleasure. When we are too lethargic to go out, we stay indoors, watching movies or dramas. Anything we do that makes feel better can be considered a treat. Try treating yourself at least once a week, rejoice yourself a little. Do something that can wash out all your problems, confusions, etc even it is for a while. It is worth the to wallow in at that moment.

Treat yourself once a while. You’ll love it, enjoying every second of it.


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